Foraging Fundamentals Series
MAY 8, 22 & JUNE 5

Online via Zoom

Botanists Heidi Simper and Sarah Sandoval

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MAY 8, 22 & JUNE 5

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MAY 8, 22 & JUNE 5


3 Part Online Course


Have you ever longed to stride through the wild, or even your own neighborhood, with the knowledge and skills to find your own food and medicine from the plants around you? Yearned for the knowledge to be ready for emergencies, or just to dazzle and amaze your friends, with your bountiful botanical knowledge? This is the class that will set you on your way to become a forager.

Join Red Butte Garden botanists in a series of three classes to explore the Fundamentals of foraging. The first class will cover the basics of theory, including identification, research, and what to look for and what to avoid. The second class brings the field to you, introducing the realities of locating, assessing, and collecting. In the third class, join in at home to learn to prepare your own food and medicine. The valuable knowledge gained in this class will spring you forward in your path to become a foraging phenomenon.

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