Power Yoga in the Garden - Red Butte Garden

Power Yoga in the Garden

Red Butte Garden

Hannah Hausman

Garden Members: 
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Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm

Join Hannah Hausman for Tuesday evening power yoga classes at Red Butte Garden this summer.

Yoga classes are intended for all levels of practice, designed to move energy through the body with breathing techniques, guided movement, and dynamic sequencing. A mat, comfortable clothing, and a water bottle are recommended.

Get to know your instructor: Hannah Hausman

Dance grew with me in the womb like a vital organ. Movement of all kinds fascinates, excites and fuels me. The body is a deep love of mine, and learning how to  find harmony between it and my mind and share that with others, is an even deeper kind of love. I’ve been trained in Power Yoga, LifeForce Yoga (breathwork, kundalini, mantra), Qoya and Femme! I love utilizing these movement modalities to connect our conscious (mind) with the subconscious (body). As we move more and more into a technological world, the connection to others, the connection to ourselves, and the wisdom held in our bodies, becomes more and more important. Cuing people out of their external world to bring awareness to their inner world, using the language of the body  to facilitate that connection is my specialty, and a tool we’re going to need to get better at to stay connected.