Harvesting and Preserving Herbs - Red Butte Garden
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Harvesting and Preserving Herbs
August 24

Red Butte Garden

Lynsey Nielson - Red Butte Garden Lead Horticulturist

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August 24

Wednesday, 6-8pm

Learn how to preserve fresh herbs for use all winter long, including techniques for care and maintenance of home grown herbs, best time to harvest, techniques and plenty of recipes.

Students will create their own Herbed Finishing Salt in class to take home!

Get to know your instructor:

Lynsey is a horticulturist at Red Butte Garden & Arboretum at the University of Utah. She is also a garden designer and ISA Certified Arborist. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Social Anthropology from Massey University, New Zealand as well as a certificate in Organic Horticulture from SIT, New Zealand.
Over the years she has worn many horticultural hats - from growing, installing, and maintaining to designing, consulting and educating - she ultimately brings over 20 years of local and international experience to the classroom. She is passionate about cultivating and sharing her love of plants, gardens and nature.