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February Gardening Tips

Gardening Information

This is the time of year to plan for your spring and summer planting. Think water-wise or drought tolerant plants. There are a large number of drought tolerant and water-wise trees, shrubs, perennials, and even some annuals to choose from. See your nursery professional or horticulturist for their recommendations.

Continue to water broadleaf evergreens to prevent leaves from drying out during periods of bright sunshine or windy conditions.

Want a breath of spring? Force branches into early bloom such as forsythia, cherry, quince, plum, eastern redbud, lilac, magnolia, serviceberry, or other early flowering trees and shrubs. Place the cut branches in water in a bright, sunlit place to trigger early flowering.

Even without snow to cover their food sources, birds will continue to enjoy supplemental food and water, so keep birdfeeders and water troughs filled.

Late February is usually the best time to prune most fruit trees. For information on how to prune specific fruit varieties, take a pruning class at Red Butte Garden or seek professional advice from Utah State University Extension.

Now is a good time to start indoor seeds for outdoor planting once it gets warmer outside. If you want to know more about starting plants from seed and have fun at the same time, enroll in one of Red Butte Garden's spring propagation workshops.