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Icon for annual plantsAnnual
Icon for bulb plantsBulb
Icon for deciduous shrubsDeciduous Shrub
Icon for deciduous treesDeciduous Tree
Icon for viney plantsVine
Icon for evergreen groundcover plantsEvergreen Groundcover
Icon for evergreen shrubsEvergreen Shrub
Icon for evergreen treesEvergreen Tree
Icon for grassesGrass
Icon for perennial plantsPerennial
Icon for succulent plantsSucculent
Plant Collection Map Tutorial

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Icon Credit/Attribution
Annual and evergreen groundcover icons made by Darius Dan from
Bulb, perennial, succulent and deciduous tree icons made by Freepik from
Deciduous and evergreen shrub icons made by bqlqn from
Evergreen tree icon made by Pixel perfect from
Vine icon made by Eucalyp from
Grass icon made by Smashicons from