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Snapshot Photography

Definition: Snapshot photography is when a person uses a small handheld camera or smartphone to quickly take informal photographs.

Policy: Guests are welcome to take snapshots for private use or for sharing on social media. Snapshots may be taken of the plants, gardens, or members of their group during their visit to the Garden.

Cost & Reservations: included with admission, no reservations required.

Groups of 15 or more require a reservation for a private photo session.

Photography Session

Definition: A photography session is an event where a photographer/videographer (either amateur or professional) takes a series of formal photographs of a posed subject(s). A photography session allows the photographer to spend prolonged time composing the photographs and permits use of photography equipment such as interchangeable lenses, tripods, reflectors, props, etc.

Our policy varies for public and private photography sessions.


Policy: A public photography session is held in a Garden location that remains open to the public. Photographers may schedule use of Red Butte Garden as a backdrop for a bridal or other portrait photography session. This does not include commercial photography.

Cost & Reservations:

  • $100.00 plus Garden admission.
  • Groups of 15 or more require a reservation for a private photography session.
  • Reservation required. Please email or call 801-585-9563.
  • If a photographer arrives without a reservation, RBG staff will evaluate our current number of private events and photography sessions to determine if the session may be permitted.


Policy: A private photography session is held in a Garden location that is closed to the public. Photographers may schedule exclusive use of one specific location in the Garden for a either a portrait or a commercial photography session. If multiple locations are requested, the photographer may schedule these locations consecutively with a minimum of one hour per location.

Commercial/produced projects that will be used to generate profitable gain from an audience and/or: requires sections of the Garden to be closed to the public, includes props and/or golf cart transportation of equipment, or requires staffing assistance, falls under our commercial filming and photography policy.

Cost & Reservations:

  • $375.00 per hour
  • Groups of 15 or more require a reservation for a private photography session.
  • Additional fees may apply for commercial photography, depending on the requirements of the session. Price quote available upon request.
  • Reservation required. Please email or call 801-585-9563.

Photography Policies & Guidelines

The photographer/videographer agrees to abide by the photography policies outlined below. Failure to follow these rules may result in expulsion from the Garden and/or denial of future requests.

  • Photography must be conducted without disrupting RBG guests, staff, or other operations.
  • Accessibility of exhibitions, entrances, exits, doorways, pathways, and high-traffic areas must not be blocked.
  • This is a living museum and our plant collections are tender. Please do not walk in any of the plant beds, climb any trees, or pick any plant material.
  • Please do not climb, sit, or stand on any walls, sculptures, or any other structures.
  • Please do not move plant labels, planted containers, benches, or otherwise disturb the property.
  • Due to our proximity to the University of Utah Hospital and helicopter pad, drones are not permitted for public or private photo shoots.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Garden, with the exception of service animals.
  • Motorized and non-motorized vehicles are not permitted, with the exception of wheelchairs and strollers.
  • Clients/models must be fully and appropriately clothed (i.e., no lingerie, swimsuits, or inappropriate costumes).
  • Red Butte Garden assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.
  • Be aware that certain locations in the Garden may be closed for private events. Garden staff may approach photographers to discuss alternatives to their session if Garden maintenance or special events are in progress.
  • The Garden reserves the right to intervene if a photographer is found violating any of our policies. They may be asked to end their session if steps are not taken to comply.
  • Any unauthorized portrait/commercial photography sessions will be asked to comply with our policies or will be asked to end their session.
  • Sessions must end before the Garden closes for the day. The Garden reserves the right to limit groups arriving less than two hours before closing time.

The photography policy was created to protect the grounds and to manage the number of photography sessions and private events in the Garden at one time. Fees directly support Red Butte Garden’s mission to connect people with plants and the beauty of living landscapes.