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June Gardening Tips

Gardening Information

Conserve water by watering lawns only before 10:00am or after 6:00pm.

Set out all warm season vegetable and annual flower seedlings or plant seeds now.

Watch for slug and snail damage on plants and use prepared bait or other techniques to control the pests.

Continue to apply mulch to garden and vegetable beds. The mulch will help to conserve water and improve soil texture as the mulch decomposes.

Trim dead and dying leaves of spring flowering bulbs.

Grasshopper damage will begin to show on tender young plants. If insecticides are used for control, make sure that directions are closely followed to prevent harm to bees and other beneficial insects.

As summer temperatures climb, don't over-fertilize cool season turf grasses. These grasses perform best during cooler weather, and applying fertilizer in mid summer heat does not benefit turf development.

Control annual weeds before they mature to prevent them from setting and dispersing seed.

Visit Red Butte Garden to see the variety of plants that are in flower during this time of year and take advantage of the many classes we have to offer.

Want to learn about native plants for water conservation, perennial and herb care, or how to use stone in the landscape? Check out our CALENDAR for useful classes!