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The Garden now offers recurring giving and auto-renewal options!

Interested in making your annual gift or membership renewal effortless? Sign up for a recurring gift or automatic renewal online today.

When you enroll, we'll store your encrypted credit card information in a secure, PCI-compliant vault for use at the frequency you have requested. These programs are only available through our online portal, ensuring your privacy and control over your giving. Read on for more information on each giving program.

Recurring Giving

Perfect for those interested in supporting the Garden on a sustained basis and in an eco-friendly way! Recurring gifts are ongoing gifts for a meaningful amount determined by you and can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can end your gift at any time.

Choose your favorite program or initiative, or simply give to the greatest needs of the garden. If you have any questions, would like to set a specific number of installments, or cancel your gift, please call: (801) 585-7172.

  • Remember, the gift receipt you will use for tax purposes will always come from the University of Utah.

Automatic Membership Renewal

Ideal for members who want to renew with ease and save Garden resources. When you sign up for automatic renewal, your card will be charged the current price of your current membership level each year on your membership expiration date. We will send you a reminder the month before and the month of, so you have plenty of time to let us know if you need to leave the program.

If you have any questions or need to change your automatic renewal status, please call: (801) 585-7172.