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Red Butte Garden is happy to offer Botany Bins and Boxes for teachers and students at K-12 publicly funded schools (public and charter) thanks to funding from the Utah State Legislature through the iSEE program.

Programs for daycares, summer camps, private schools, after-school groups, or any other group not from a K-12 publicly funded school, can be found by clicking here.

Botany Bins

Click here to request a Botany Bin for your classroom

Grades: 2 & 6

The Botany Bin program offers botany-based teacher resources that include activities, materials, and curriculum that enhances SEEd standards through hands-on explorations. The Botany Bins are available for 3-week loans at no-cost to Utah public and charter school teachers. See below for information on our Botany Bin modules.

Look out for upcoming Botany Bins designed to enhance your grade level.

Patterns & Partnerships 

6th grade SEEd standards 6.4.1-5

The Patterns & Partnerships Bin is filled with phenomenon-based, 3D investigations and lesson plans that explore Utah’s mountain ecosystems. Covering all 5 of the 6th grade life science SEEd standards, this bin includes customizable curriculum, over 100 specimens, drone footage, scientific tools, and more! 


2nd grade SEEd standards 2.2.1-3

The Polleneighbors Bin is filled with 3D printed pollen, digital microscopes, and preserved flowers and pollinators from Red Butte Garden. You and your 2nd graders will dive into plant structures, functions, and patterns alongside discussions and research on pollinators and habitats. With three lessons covering SEEd Standards 2.2.1-2.2.3, this bin equips you with innovative resources to nurture your young scientists.

Botany Boxes

Click here to request a Botany Box for your classroom

Grades K-4

These science kits include real plant samples, magnifying tools, optional videos, and journals that students get to keep. Each module enriches SEEd standards by presenting students with a mystery to solve through investigation and experimentation. See below for information on our two Botany Box modules that enhance science standards for grades K-4.

Tree Detectives

These materials support SEEd standards: K.2.1, 1.2.1, 3.1.1.

Students become detectives as they work to save a grove of trees. Their detective journal and optional videos help the students break the code hidden in tree rings, using their own magnifying tool and tree cookie (slice of a tree trunk).

Seed Sleuths

These materials support SEEd standards: 2.2.3,  3.2.4,  4.1.1.

Students work to unravel the mystery of the stolen seeds by investigating and experimenting with a variety of seed samples and their fruits. With the help of their detective journal, optional videos, and magnifying glass, students explore the scientific process and learn about seed dispersal and survival needs.