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Deborah DeKoff & Lee Gerstein Photography
Of Earth and Sky
January 16 - March 4

Red Butte Garden Visitor Center


Please call 801-585-0556

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Of Earth and Sky

January 16 - March 4

Meet the Artists Reception on Saturday, January 20 from 1-4 PM.

Visit the Red Butte Garden Visitor Center to find a stunning exhibit "Of Earth and Sky" featuring two well-known Utah photographers, Deborah DeKoff and Lee Gerstein.

About Deborah DeKoff

Deborah is an intrepid explorer and as such, ventures out frequently with cameras in hand. With an open mind and wandering eye, she searches for the gifts of nature both in the Wasatch and in her travels.


Strong compositions, the play of light, shadow, and color; and the ephemeral are found in Deborah’s images. From abandoned structures, rusty vintage autos, and gorgeous landscapes, fleeting time stands still to be held forever in a photograph.


Being recognized at a young age for strong composition in black and white imagery by Kodak spurred her on to continue to capture images for over four decades. Her work has been published in a multitude of magazines and is on display in private collections. Currently, Deborah is a staff photographer for four regional publications and is the sole proprietor of Park City Photographers. 

When Deborah is not photographing the world, you'll find her teaching art to 6th graders. For more about Deborah, please visit:

About Lee Gerstein

Why do this? Why create images? In part, it’s a guarantee of dissatisfaction, of repeatedly returning to what was a “finished image” to see how it could be improved, how it could convey more, touch a viewer deeper. There once was a t-shirt that said “I’m not satisfied”. That’s part of the experience of creating photographs.


So why do it? Partly for me there’s always been the urge to grab someone by the arm and say “You’ve got to see this”. I think many of us want to share the experience of being moved, being excited, having a way we look at part of the world changed forever.


I have had the great good fortune to have traveled about the world and photographed what made me look twice, and more. At this point I’d describe myself as a wilderness photographer and wildlife photographer. The natural world grounds me and draws me deeper to myself.

Besides photography, my background includes medicine and aviation.

My website is a continual work in progress at