Week Five - 35 Years of Growing

Submitted: Dec. 21, 2020, 2:07 p.m.
By: Kate Randall, Mkt/Communications Specialist

This week we told stories about the annual Spring and Fall Plant Sales, the benefits of Garden membership, ZAP free admission days, and seven of our many themed gardens.


Our first annual Spring Plant Sale & Fundraiser was held about 30 years ago. photo: Spring Plant Sale, circa 1990s


Not only has the number of plants offered increased each year, but also the diversity. In the past five years plant offerings increased from 1000 to 1400 different species and cultivars. photo: Spring Plant Sale 2017, Kate Randall


In September, at our Fall Bulb & Native Plant Sale, we offer about 250 different plants and even more spring blooming bulbs. photo: Kate Randall

Red Butte Garden Spring and Fall Plant Sales

We specialize in heirloom vegetables and unique hard-to-find native, waterwise, and pollinator-friendly plants. Many of the vegetables and plants featured at our plant sales are grown from seed by our horticulture staff and volunteers in our greenhouses. You will also find trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, roses, vines, fruits, ground covers, succulents, and hanging baskets. Our staff of horticulture experts and volunteers are also available to help. Learn more about the annual Spring Plant Sale.


Red Butte Garden membership benefits include Garden admission for 12 months. photo: Four seasons of views of the Four Seasons Garden, Pierce McConnell

Plant Sale

Garden members also enjoy discounts on gift shop purchases, adult classes and workshops, summer camps, and access to our Spring Plant Sale member-only day. photo: Kate Randall

Concert Series Night

Garden members also receive early access to the Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series ticket presale. photo: Austen Diamond

Red Butte Garden Membership Benefits

A Red Butte Garden membership provides daily access to the Garden and the opportunity to experience every season uniquely and connect with nature in a rewarding way. Garden members enjoy free admission to our public events and programs such as Family Fun Nights, floral shows, art exhibits, and more. Learn more about Red Butte Garden membership benefits.


The annual Arbor Day Celebration at Red Butte Garden is one of six free admission days thank to ZAP. photo: Pierce McConnell

Zap (Color)

Free Admission Days, Thanks to ZAP

Red Butte Garden is able to host six free admission days per year thanks to the Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) Program. Free days are: Arbor Day, Pioneer Day, Labor Day, Zeke Dumke, Jr. Day (first Monday in Oct.), and the Holiday Open House (first Saturday and Sunday in Dec.). Learn more about ZAP free admission days.


The Visitor Center Courtyard offers views of the Four Seasons Garden and Red Butte peak. You'll find a fountain, picnic tables, and large seasonal container gardens surrounded by a sandstone retaining wall etched with flowers. photo: KW


Built in 1994, the Hemingway Four Seasons Garden was designed to be beautiful during all four seasons. Plantings include over 100,000 spring blooming bulbs, ornamental grasses, conifer, viburnum, and crabapple collections. photo: Jason Baker


The Dumke Floral Walk extends from the Oak Sculpture to the Rose Garden and is broken up into themed planting sections according to sun exposure: Mediterranean, Woodland, Pear Arbors, Cottage Garden, and Floral Bouquet (pictured above). photo: Pierce McConnell

Red Butte Garden Visitor Center Courtyard, Hemingway Four Seasons Garden, and Dumke Floral Walk

The Courtyard and Four Seasons Garden are the first garden areas our guests encounter as they enter the Garden. A few events are held here, including the annual Fall Bulb and Native Plant Sale and Family Fun Nights.


The Ruth P. Eccles Herb Garden contains plants that are used to flavor foods and beverages, including spices, fruits, and edible flowers. There is also an outdoor kitchen used for summer camps and cooking classes. photo: Jason Baker


Redesigned in 2017, the Dr. Ezekiel and Edna Dumke Medicinal Garden includes plants used to make medicines by various cultures throughout history. In the center of this garden is a London plane tree (platanus x acerifolia). photo: Kate Randall


The Burton Fragrance Garden is designed around a central meadow full of pollinator-friendly plants with various bloom times, surrounded by larger flowering shrubs and trees on the outside. It's also a unique wedding venue. photo: Dave Titensor

Red Butte Garden Terrace Gardens

The Terrace Gardens, opened in 1996, include three unique themed gardens: Herb, Medicinal, and Fragrance. Each share wisteria covered arbors, cascading water fountains, hand basins, meandering walkways, and sandstone retaining walls.


The Sarah J. McCarthey & Family Rose Garden opened in 2009 and was designed in an informal manner to showcase the diversity of roses and companion plantings to extend seasonal interest. photo: Kate Randall


Many couples have been wed underneath the rose arbor in the Wedding Lawn area of the Rose Garden. This venue is surrounded by pink and blush colored roses in June. photo: Kate Randall


Built in 1985, the R. Herald Burton Water Pavilion is one of the oldest structures in the Garden. Plantings around Red Butte Creek and ponds include spring blooming bulbs, daylilies, fox lilies, a Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera), conifers, fruit trees, and ornamental grasses. photo: Dave Titensor

Sarah J. McCarthey & Family Rose Garden, Wedding Lawn, and R. Herald Burton Water Pavilion

At the bottom of the Floral Walk, guests will encounter the Rose Garden area, including the Martha Ann Healy Rose House, Ring Garden (featuring roses with warm tones), Celebration Garden (white roses and flowers), Martin Overlook (red roses and flowers) and Wedding Lawn (pink and blush colored roses). The Water Pavilion, ponds, waterfalls, and garden areas are beautiful spaces for wedding photos or picnics.


The Adventure Garden section, funded by the Burton Foundation, is the designated play-zone of the Children's Garden with rattlesnake fountains, a large snake maze, and flower pot fire pole. photo: Austen Diamond


The Exploratory Garden section of the Children's Garden includes a grotto, the Janet Lawson Bridge, and Granny's Garden; named in memory of Hope Fox Eccles. The area highlights natural sciences, ecology, and Native American landscapes. photo: Austen Diamond


The Discovery Garden section includes Em’s Sprout House; named in honor of Emma Eccles Jones, the lizard seat amphitheater, the Butterfly Walk; funded by the Willard Eccles Foundation, the vinehouse, sandbox, and several seasonal planting beds. photo: Austen Diamond

The Children's Garden

Opened in 1999, this garden is a home base for our summer camps and designed as a fun place for kids to learn about the uses and value or plants in our world. The Children's Garden is broken into three distinct sections: Adventure, Exploratory, and Discovery. Learn More. about our Children's Programs.

Learn more about the 35 Years of Growing, 35 Days of Giving campaign.

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