April & May 2021

Red Butte Garden


April & May 2021

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? From April 1 - May 31, the Garden celebrates this unique literary art by hosting the poems written by our eleven local poetry contest winners in stand-up display boxes placed throughout the Garden. Look for them along your path. We feature other seasonal poems throughout the year.

2021 Red Butte Garden Spring Poetry Contest Winners

Read the poems of our 2021 Spring Poetry winners.

  1. Spring by Melinda Birrell
  2. Awakening by Shirley Shurtz
  3. For Aslan by Cynthia Hallen
  4. Youth Eternal in Spring by Ashley Lauren Brown
  5. Let Go by Brindy Bennett
  6. A Garden of Winter Solace by Jolene Whitney
  7. Forsythia Yellow by Haley Ashton
  8. My Soul is Back by Erin Cole
  9. The Birth of Spring by Adeline Brogmeier, Youth Poet
  10. Spring by Kira Grantz, Youth Poet
  11. Sprouting in Spring by Christina Jensen, Youth Poet

Special thanks to all the talented local poets who entered our 2021 contest. Check back soon for links to each poem.

Enter our 2022 Spring Poetry Contest.



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